Utsav At Gulbai

Ahmedabad's very own Bohemian commune residing at Gulbai Tekra aka 'Hollywood' make the most spectacular Ganesha idols. Join us as we document them in DraftCraft's 'Love, Life, Law' series.
Visit the site at www.gulbaitekra.com
Contact us at connect@draftcraft.in

DraftCraft Goes International

Here, we tackle issues of Immigration through 'Visa Versa'; Affirmative Action through 'We, The People'; Cross-border Crimes through 'Beyond Borders' as well as Insurgency; Rule Of Law; Inclusion and more.
DraftCraft International launches its first beyond India.. www.DraftCraft.US ...which will deal with matters relating entirely and exclusively to United States of America brought to fore by its own citizens, naturalised, immigrant and indigenous across the world's oldest democracy. For USA, India is a natural ally. The Boston Tea Party and Dandi March bear uncanny resemblances and a common enemy...and so do our more recent terror concerns.
www.DraftCraft.US is presently work in progress. Keep watching the site.